Sum-sum-summertime …

Hello all! I hope this little note is finding everyone well!

I have a tidge of an announcement to make. Some of you know that I am also a photographer. After some long deliberations with myself (it was an interesting thing to see, trust me!) I have decided to include photography under the same umbrella as Kindred Owl Studio. Making this move really resonates positively with me, as these are my most favorite art mediums. You will see that integration coming very soon. If in the meantime you have questions about any of the services I provide, do not hesitate to send me a note!

My first show of the year, with the Orlando Pottery Festival was quite a success! Just want to say thanks for stopping by and and supporting my little artventure! I really enjoy meeting and chatting with you all.

The first quarter of my master’s degree comes to a close this Friday! I’m so excited to be back in school and learning again. The program I *really* wanted to study did become available, so my masters degree will be in Arts & Culture Management, with a concentration in Community Outreach. I am cannot wait to see where this next chapter takes me in the near future.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and safe summer!

I leave you with a few images of the goings on the past few months.

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