Photography has always been my first love of the art world. I remember sitting and admiring the photos my dad took of us all as little ones. Most of our baby pictures are 3×3 squares in black and white. He used to move the kitchen table against the wall, and sit us on it in the middle.

I had my first photography lessons when I took a graphic arts class in 9th grade. I requested a Pentax camera when my parents asked what I would like as a gift for my high school graduation. Time came and went and lots of life happened. As a gift to myself, I bought a single-lens reflex, digital camera during the summer of 2010. Once I understood the capabilities of using Photoshop as a digital darkroom, my love for capturing images only grew deeper.

During my last semester at UCF, I fell in love with film all over again. There is something romantic and palpable when you capture light and begin the process of developing. Taking that small negative you again, add light. And then the chemicals along with an eye for composition and timing. It’s so much the timing before soaking the papers in water to reveal a print of the light you originally captured.

I love it.. all of it. I love the idea of pausing time while capturing an image. I love documenting a moment in the present as much as preserving what’s left of an architectural bygone. Sometimes it’s the quiet moment between two people or the raucous joy of a newly-wed couple at their wedding reception.

All of it, I adore.

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