Melanie Knight is an artist living and working in Orlando, Florida. She attended the University of Central Florida (UCF), having completed her degree in studio arts in 2016. She began her personal journey with pottery in the fall of 2017, naming her workspace Kindred Owl Studio.

Melanie is the sole-proprietor of Kindred Owl Studio and spends most of her time creating functional works. However, animal sculptures, particularly owls, have a tendency to pop up from time to time.

Melanie draws inspiration from the world around her. She’s an ocean lover and an avid bird watcher. You will see the colors of nature throughout her pottery pieces. There are many days where she will sit down at the wheel, fully intending to make a specific thing. There are just as many days that the clay dictates otherwise. Therein lies the beauty of being an artist in love with the media chosen to work with.

This potter finds happiness knowing that the things she makes are being utilized. Melanie gets excited each time she opens the kiln and she does a happy dance anytime she is fortunate enough to make a sale. When asked about her artwork, Melanie’s enthusiasm shows, and her face lights up with the prospect of sharing the details of her artventure.

“I may sit down at the wheel intending to make a specific item, but the clay sometimes does its own thing. The clay usually wins.”

Melanie on
throwing clay.