I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) last year with a degree in studio arts with focus on photography and ceramics. My photography has an extension of me. It’s been a hobby turned profession for many years now. I always thought that I would always use photography as my creative mainstay.

However, I realized that I have an obsession for making things with clay….

I was immersed in a clay studio again. You see, I took ceramics in high school, like forever ago. I also took beginning ceramics at Valencia, so another pottery class felt like a natural transition when I was filling up my elective hours at UCF. I took the intermediate class and then two semesters of advanced. During my last semester, something clicked. I found a zen in throwing clay similar to the peaceful satisfaction I find in making photographs.

You know how those cartoon characters have a light bulb over their head when they have an idea? That was totally me…

My Michael, who happens to hobby with woodcrafts, is helping me rebuild and organize the garage to make room for both of our creative passions. Presently, the pottery side is up and running.

Salt shakers and owls.