Studio creativity has been paused today due to the rain. There was quite a bit I planned to get done today, but it will have to wait.

Clearly, I needed to pause. I started my day with coffee and perusing social media for headlines. I updated the coffee-themed group my sister and I have.

And I listened as it started to rain.

At first, it was just little droplets touching the kitchen window. For a few moments, a heavier outpouring provided a bass line for the roof. The skies then imparted a steady, even rain, allowing the grass to soak in its richness and vitality.

It truly is a beautiful sound. The rhythm of droplets hitting an empty pot, and others splashing in the puddles that have been accumulating. It’s restorative and allows me to think and to wonder.

I don’t think we always allow ourselves the space and time to do just that, to pause. To take it all in and allow our minds to be still, yet contemplative. It’s a moment to reflect and find gratitude within the droplets of rain as they spatter about.

For some, rain is annoying and irritable and all things negative. For me, it cleanses the soul and allows for fresh starts and new awakenings.

Today when you pause, please take a moment to reflect, remember and honor the fallen; the soldiers who did not make it home to reunite with their families and loved ones. If it weren’t for them, we might not be able to stop, pause, and enjoy the rain.

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