Summer Sunshine

Good morning all! I hope this note finds everyone well hydrated as the summer sun and heat takes its toll on many this year. Our summer has been a bit challenging with work schedules and kid schedules, so I have gotten behind on work. In the first year of business, finding the balance between family, the job-job and my studio has been humbling.

For those waiting on bowls, vases, teapots & mugs, we’re getting there. I promise. You’re patience and understanding are very much appreciated. ❤

Once those are cooking in Pele, in the next few weeks, we have added some red clay to our mix of things to sample. First, we will make a slew of test tiles so we can sample our glazes, and then hopefully by the beginning of September, we’ll have some red clay pieces in the mix for fall.

I recently set up our living room as a photography studio to create a more polished round of photos for the Etsy store update. I’m quite happy with the outcome!


Until next time, keep cool and in the shade!

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