Slumbering 13

Good morning from a partially sleep-deprived, crazy, glowing & giggly… and still-silly-slumber party, for a freshly-minted 13 year old. That’s how we roll… time well spent with the ones who mean the most. And how lucky am I to have each of their moms as dear and amazing friends. Love you all….. ❤

So let’s just dive in to some pottery while I munch on cold, leftover pizza from last night… and listening to a little Sinatra… sigh…

I’m so excited!!!!!

First I’d like to share some awesome news! Our first pottery is officially on display at the Corrine Drive Counseling Center in the Audobon Park district here in Orlando. Sending a huge THANK YOU to Joe for inviting us to share our artwork.


Pele the kiln is running a bisque fire as we speak. I’ve got a few test tiles in there with some new clay I’m trying, as well as a number of mugs in the Laguna bmix I use the most. Looking forward to finishing off a couple custom orders and getting them delivered this week, hopefully. Cross your fingers… no really… cross them!

Onward.. and upwards…

We’re researching and planning for what we’ll need to set up a booth so we can start getting ready to apply for shows later this year. We are hoping to do a little open house closer to the summer when we have our booth designed and prepped… there might even be a few things available for sale. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, thank you for hanging with us on our artventure! Your support and motivation is just amazing! ❤



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