Express Yourself

Hey, hey, hey, heeeeyyyy….. WAIT! It’s true, I’ve been listening to a lot of Madonna lately. Moving on…. lol

Self-expression is vitally important to our daily existence. It’s who we are; what we do and how we interact with others. Self-expression is a statement of our existence, one that’s not finite, but one that is fluid and ever-changing.

The past few weeks have presented some personal challenges that I have been pondering on. I have been trying to find ways to combat that awful “feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something is bothering you” ick to go away. Sometimes, while waiting to work through such things, you find catharsis in the things of everyday life. Right now, my catharsis has been words. I love words and I love vocabulary. Poetry is one of my favorite things to write. I love creating big, jumbled lines of words, in no particular order, just to see what they show me once their written.

But wait….

Art is self-expression… hey. I’m one of those artist types, right?

This is how I got here…
I am currently working on a custom order for an urn. The client had asked about the possibility of adding words to the piece. So after some sketches and client/artist talks, I came up with a recessed lid that will hold small, ceramic medallions. All of which will have the various names of the individual who passed, as well as a series of terms of endearment.

Expression… words… the words with which we refer to our loved ones… and then this all turned into words of empowerment and the words I like to hear and say and read out loud, because they become more powerful when spoken. And when spoken with a purpose, well, there’s your self-expression. Or my self-expression.

So I took this little experiment to Facebook by asking my group of ‘everyone’ what their favorite word was. Wow! What an amazing response.

Where does the art part come in you ask? The pictures below will tell the rest of the tale.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Don’t forget to check out the Etsy store!

xo Melanie ❤


PS .. totally guilty on the Instagram filters here…. and get out there and expres YOURself. 🙂


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