So, I’m not a production potter. Every piece of clay I throw has its own potential, from start to finish, all processes of which are from my creative brain. Therefore, every item I make is unique unto itself. The pieces are made in the moment.

I make things out of clay because it brings me joy with a healthy dose of accomplishment. Mostly. There are those moments of frustration or challenge as I work through my self-imposed hurdles. There is great satisfaction in being able to take a chunk of clay and turning it into a functional work of art, all glazed and fired (food, microwave and dishwasher safe, might I add). But, there’s even more than that, it is an amazing feeling for someone to pick up something that you made, blood, sweat and tears (literally), and that person says, “I love this”.

I realized my clay mission last year after visiting a local art & craft show. I think it’s pretty simple. I want my future clients to:

  1. Love the item they find from my stash of wares.
  2. Use the item. It’s art and functional, people!
  3. Look at the price and say ‘I can so totally afford this’.

Lofty goals for an artist? Perhaps… but I am up for the challenge. I want the pieces I make to bring joy to someone, whether it’s the purchaser or the receiver.

I’m working with some new stoneware clay that we picked up from Stone Mountain Clay. It’s called Speckled Owl, appropriately. It has a lot more sand than I’ve been used to, and my hands are showing their wear.

The clay and glaze testing will continue in the coming weeks.

More soon!

mel 🙂



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