Coffee with a side of WordPress…

…another side of Sunday morning paper and ads, kid drama and more coffee…  lol

A good Sunday morning to you!

We unloaded our first mid-fire glaze batch earlier this week, and I have to say I’m quite tickled with the results. We tested 3 glazes, a matte white, a satin black and a floating blue, the later of the two were both from John Britt’s book, The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes. The white glaze recipe I had picked up somewhere online, but it was a little too matte for our needs. I need to find a solid satin white. We were trying different techniques and ideas anywhere from single to multiple dips and everything in between. But then, there were the…


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a certain level of love for Halloween and everything about it. (Ok.. moderately obsessed…)

And a black cat…

In the meantime, we did a weekend trip to Virginia to stay with my sister-in-law. On the way, we made a pit stop at Stone Mountain Clay company in Georgia to pick up a few stoneware clays to try. The idea to order clay from here stemmed from looking for a black clay body that had low toxicity. Their Black Raven fit the bill and I can’t wait to start using it!

With the variety of items we’ve been testing, the question of ‘what’s for sale’ has been coming up more recently. Unfortunately, we are not quite ready for sales of items and I wish we were! I am still testing glazes and the clay bodies while working about 30 hours a week at the job-job and being a mom and a partner to the best guy ever. ❤

That being said… I am hoping to have a few items available to sell by the end of October.

Thank you for hanging out! Here’s a few pics of our other fun glazed items…



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