Glazed & Shiny

Good morning friends!

Much has been happening in our studio these last couple of weeks. The first glaze fire happened on July 3rd and we’re super stoked at the results thus far. I took a bit of an unconventional approach, as each piece I’ve made is becoming a test for glazes.

This has allowed me to continue honing my skills and make a variety of items as I go. I’m not trained as a production potter, so each piece I make is different and unique.

The next glaze fire is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, July 15th. We will be testing two additional glazes including a black and what I’m hoping turns into a speckled yellow. If the tests are successful, that will give us a palette of blues, greens, and yellows as well as black and white. Tests will happen from time to time, but I’m looking forward to having a simple yet vibrant variety of colors to choose from.

I am off to make handles now! After spending the better of 8 hours at the job-job yesterday, I came home and spent almost 6 hours in the studio in the afternoon/evening. I’ve got 15 items awaiting their handles so that they may become an eclectic mix of drinking vessels.

Until next time…

Melanie 🙂

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