Welcome to Clay-pril!

I do enjoy making up new words when the opportunity presents itself. April I think will shape up to be quite an exciting month. While the end of March was so incredibly busy and lot of things got accomplished.

While working on rebuilding my throwing mojo, we had a new fence installed at our house. I know it doesn’t really have a lot to do with our studio, but it was accomplished none-the-less. It does enable us to look into adding a storage shed to the backyard to store all of the hurricane shutters and the variety of outside tools and things we own.

We had an electrician come by so we could get an estimate on the cost for adding the 50 amp breaker for the kiln. It will come in under what I had budgeted! He’ll be back in a week or so to do the work and then we’ll be able to order the kiln.

The wood working bench was postponed for a spell. Our bedroom shelf happened to fall down a couple weeks ago. (Picture our 40 year-old house with particle board for shelves that were barely attached to the wall on a one-by-four. I guess the shelf was tired.) Michael used his workbench time to fabricate and rebuild the shelves so we would have a place for our clothes and other accoutrements. They are amazing! And… they’re strong enough that he was doing pull-ups on the frame. The talent and ingenuity he has for his craft is truly wonderful to see.

I will leave you with a few images of our recent steps.

Until next time friends… ❤
xo Mel

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