It’s a great big beautiful…

…tomorrow…. shining bright right next to every kiln….

Yes, yes… corny and a bit crazy! But it fits to the music! (And you know you sang it to the tune people…)

I just want to thank Drake for the title inspiration for today’s blog post title… Thanks Drake!

Today is a big day! We’re having our garage door installed, which means that an electrician is next on the list. We’ll be having someone check out the whole house, simply because it’s been so many years since the wiring has been checked. In addition to the breaker for the kiln, we will also have them install an outlet for the automatic… hydromatic… ultramatic… garage door opener. 😉

You’re welcome for the earworm my Grease loving followers!

So check out the progress we made between yesterday and today!

The amount of floor space we uncovered was almost surprising! Although, I have to say, there’s quite a lot of items in the back right corner stacked neatly and precariously, all at the same time. Michael has some amazing ideas to create additional storage shelves, all of which will come to fruition in the near future. His next project (because he’s amazing) is the shelf in our room, which just so happened to mostly fall down this week.

I suppose you could say we have the luck of the Irish on our side considering yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, along with a fair amount of determination on our parts. If you see the Carousel of Progress or watch Grease this weekend, think of us celebrating our garage door!

Until then….

Go greased lightning you’re burning up the quarter mile…

xo Melanie ❤



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