I hate wait.

If any of you know me, you’ll know exactly where I got the title of today’s blog entry. Inconceivable you say? Just wait to here what’s in the works…

Plywood has been procured! Michael realized that an 8 foot sheet of plywood doesn’t fit in the back of the van as well as he hoped.. but it is in the garage.

And check out that pretty, new scale! It arrived today. I’ll be able to weigh my clay when I get back to wheel throwing. It’s shiny now but not for long!

For the cats, I think this is my favorite as of yet.


Check out the nifty little tool Michael made for me for when I start making teapots again. It will help me remove clay to make the sieves that are placed on the inside of a teapot body. Sieves are used to help keep tea leaves inside the teapot and not in your teacup. The brass tubing will make clean and consistent holes in the clay sieve. The center rod will help me remove the excess clay for other uses or recycling.

Thank you Alysha for helping me get the right parts to make them!


This morning was busy, and partially accomplished. I went to Lowe’s to set up with a contractor to have our garage door replaced as well as our fence.

(I know.. the fence isn’t part of the studio, but hey.. it was checked of the to-do list!!! Lol)

On that note, bright blessings and have a wonderful rest of your week. 🙂

xo M

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