Busy, busy..

I hope everyone had a fantastic week and weekend! We got a little work done this weekend and we made a little bit more room in the garage thanks to Rod and Pam! Thanks for picking up that bike!!! Michael picked up some lumber today to get started on the workbench, so things will be coming together quickly.

I worked on some critters today and added a new one to the mix… a dog!



It’s totally a work in progress, but still someone new. They all seem to have their own personality while I make them. Pretty cool…





I also worked on some new styling for the cats and owls by adding some texture. I’d love to hear your feedback on the pictures below!

Four critters added to the mix… pretty exciting for a few hours work. Check out the growing menagerie.


Please, tell me about the texture addition. These are still a little rough, since the clay was very plastic while I worked. Better pictures to come when they’re cleaned up a bit.

If you’re not working tomorrow, enjoy the day! Part-time electric trains for me.

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Thanks bunches…

xo M

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