Ready, set… Hand build!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. I spent part of the afternoon sitting in my little work area, hand building my critters. Michael was working with a new tool we picked up at Harbor Freight, the blonde was bike riding and Mom even came outside to read for a while.

Check out my work area! img_6755

You can see below the table my kitty litter containers of recycled clays and the mosquito candle on top, but let’s get back to the exciting stuff! Making critters!
I spent a lot of time making owls during my last semester at UCF, but I decided that I would like to branch my critters out a little further. It seemed quite natural for cats to fall into step right after the owls.

Check them out…

I’ve been drawing on the ideas from my sketch book (pun intended), but I’m still trying to figure out facial expressions. That may take a wee bit of time yet. Here are some sketches from my book. These are definitely a work in progress.

Did you know that a group of domestic cats can be called a clowder, pounce or a glaring?


As the clay dries a little more, I’ll be able to better carve details into the figures. Here are the critters for today…

The time will come soon enough to start firing and making things on the wheel again. I figured it would be a good idea to tinker with some of my recycled clay and see what personalities I find as I create.

As always, thank you for following along! I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

xo Melanie

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