where’s my clay?!

Good morning! I wish I was still sleeping… I have to be honest. I do have a large cuppa coffee though! Hopefully this little bit will cheer my day on since I am going to geek out a little about CLAY!

That’s what you’re here for anyways, right?

Clay can be purchased from many different suppliers around the states. I typically order through Axner Pottery Supply in Oviedo, Florida. They are a division of Laguna Clay Company and have a huge selection for every potter’s needs.

For right now, though, I’m still recycling my old stoneware clay.

Recycling is one big, important process for any home potter. Starting out with a home studio is helping me learn good ways to recycle, which helps take care of our environment, as well as be more frugal with budgetary expenses.


Here you can see the clay started to pull from the canvas as it was drying. And I’m sure you noticed I helped it a wee bit.







Now, it was still a little mushier than I like, so I set the ball in the sun for a little while to help it dry some more before putting it in a storage container.







I have, in the last few weeks, recycled about 5 pounds worth of clay. Recycling can be a slow process, but so worth it when you look at all the benefits. The clay is ready for hand building, and when it’s time to set up the wheel, I should have quite a bit more ready to go!

Everyday we get a little closer! Thanks for joining me on our journey!

Melanie 🙂

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