Weekend Warriors

Sunday afternoons that have beautiful weather have a tendency to be the best days for us to make strides and accomplishments in the garage. And today was no exception.

Lots of room made by moving my table, wheel, and associated crates around. This way we can make room for Michael’s wood working table which will live on the right side of our garage. His plans include castors for the table so that he’ll be able to move it around as needed for future projects. Things like shelves, displays, and his list goes on and on… literally. 😉

The wheel and kiln will live toward the middle of the garage, though, specifics on that we haven’t decided yet. This is definitely a fluid project as we work through all of the aspects.


Check out the green arrow. That’s where my wheel is living temporarily. It is safe and protected under the work table.

Say HI to Michael’s foot in the picture!!!



I am feeling totally stoked at our accomplishments today and that isn’t even all that got done.

There was a photo shoot, tie-dying, clay recycling, sweeping, birthday shenanigans for both of our girls, and lots of sunshine and fresh air.

What’s my favorite line from Apollo 13?
“Proud, happy and thrilled…”

Blessings! ❤

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