What’s in a name?

Kindred Owl

So let’s talk about vocabulary and what’s in a name. I know.. strange topic for an artist, right? Well, au contraire my friends. Vocabulary and entomology happen to be a couple of my favorite things.

Owls have long been associated with wisdom across many cultures, and as it happens, the owl was the favorite night-bird of the goddess Athena. Owls were considered to be protectors and they inhabited the acropolis in many numbers. They are also mentioned throughout early Indian folklore as representatives of wisdom and helpfulness. In other tales, owls were considered symbols of death and the presence of other evil things lurking about. That bit of folklore died out around the 20th century and the focus was once again wisdom.

Sidebar… I became moderately obsessed with owls during my last semester at UCF. I enjoyed creating and expressing part of my artistic side with owl puns and sketches in clay.

Let us consult the Merriam-Webster dictionary for our next definition:

noun  |    kin·dred   |    \ˈkin-drəd\

1    a :  a group of related individuals
b :  one’s relatives < … if his kindred still remain to him … — Alexis de Tocqueville>
2    :  family relationship :  kinship

Kindred.. together.. family.. ohana.. related.. wait just a minute…

FAMILY … This is the important word in the definition and list of synonyms. Well, for at least it is for me. Getting to this point in my life and career lies heavily in the realm of my family. I use the word ‘family’ as a descriptive for those of immediate kin, but also for those special individuals and friends who have been there. (My clan. My tribe. My peeps. You get the picture.) I can only hope I’ve been able to do the same for them. What’s that they say.. it takes a village. It’s true because it does, and I will be forever blessed because of these individuals in my life.

What’s in this name? Well, I was sketching owls in the driveway while the kiddos were bike riding and Michael was making amazingness with his wood working tools. I wanted the title to be inclusive, because I have a funny feeling, that as time progresses, Michael will continue to be a collaborator with me. (He made some beautiful picture frames for my artwork that was part of the 1st Thursday event at OMA in September of 2016.) I had a lot of words written down. And then I’d rewrite them in a different way.

knight, green, owls, owl, studio, knightly, mel, green, clay, greenware,

And I had a lot of little sketches reflecting those words… coats of arms, owls, I was using a green pen

And it hit me. Kindred Owl Studio … Kindred represents my family. Owls represent the small bits of wisdom I’ve acquired over the years and that which is yet to come. Studio? Because we’ll have a garage studio silly… lol

Melanie 🙂

Oh.. and by the way….
Credit for the owl mythology and info goes to The Owls Pages –  www.owlpages.com
I also referenced www.merriam-webster.com



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