Scrap Metal

Today is Tuesday. Taco Tuesday for some, but we’re having spaghetti tonight.

Did you know that National Margarita Day is February 22nd? AND… it happens to fall on a Tuesday… just a friendly PSA.

So we learned a valuable lesson yesterday about recycling scrap metal. You need a whole helluva lot to get any money. The $5.50 we earned did at least cover the gas to take things to the scrap yard. Not too bad… but the beautiful benefit? The additional free space in the garage!! We will be able to start moving things around so that Michael can start on his woodworking bench.

(If you’re wondering, we went to Trademark Metals Recycling on Landstreet Road in Orlando. Super nice people and a simple process to boot!)

In the photo, please notice the green arrow, as it is pointing to my wheel. We’re getting closer! And if you happened to notice the cat litter containers… those are my clay recycling bins. Two of stoneware and there’s one for porcelain. All high fire, which is what I’ll be starting with once we have our kiln.

I am excited. No, really excited. 🙂   Happy Tuesday!

xo -M


(Let’s see… one of those bicycles is Rod’s… the tile saw is Jeff’s … lol)

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