Small steps

So we’ve been working on moving things around in the garage. Also, we’ve organized a metal recycling pile, took a bunch of stuff to the special recycling drop off location this weekend, and got all the Christmas items put away. This picture might not show much, but you can see my pottery wheel slowly coming unearthed. 

As the rain that falls washes away the dust and grime of the day… well, I know we’ve accomplished a lot. And there is so much more to go!!

Baby steps are better than no steps! 

2 Replies to “Small steps”

  1. Hello Melanie, it’s your fellow artist friend, Theresa! I am so excited for you in learning that you are enjoying and expanding on another of your “loves” in life! I have quite a bit of experience with WordPress as this is the best website platform that I have used in all my years of marketing for other agents and now myself. If you are stuck on anything or just need to talk through something, just call or text me. I am so excited to follow your progress and I love how you described it, “baby steps are better than no steps at all.” I am going to say that to myself often as I am building my real estate business this year. I will need that encouragement to push me forward, just as I hope I can for you with my encouragement.

    Take care and let’s get together again soon!

    ~ Theresa


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