Good morning! Afternoon or evening…whenever you might happen by.

This is a start and a new chapter for me. If you saw my bio, then you read the last line that mentions my clay and pottery obsession. Well, this started while I finished my Studio Art degree at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!). With much time and focus, I found a different and zen way for me to connect with the earth. Using a lot of patience and diligence I learned how to ground myself while centering clay on a wheel. And it became an addiction. A need.

We are working slowly towards creating a studio in our garage. Part wood shop and part ceramics. Updates will come as progress is made.

Have I mentioned how I excited I am to be looking forward to making things I love to make? Besides photographs, of course… as that is my first love in the art world.

Join me. Cheer me on. Help me find some motivation when I can’t. This is my clay chapter, and it starts here.



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